Message from the Board of Directors
About us

About us

Message from the Board of Directors

Message from the Board of Directors

The CJR Group has a business history marked by a culture of entrepreneurship and sustained growth, along with permanent ambition to launch itself in new markets. Having a family-oriented management style, the CJR Group has been able to pursue an intense and demanding journey, overcoming challenges with perseverance, rigor and professionalism.
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Our history cannot be summed up in days, weeks or months. It consists of experiences and daily learning by people who, through their honest collaboration and dedication, are committed to the success of each project.


These are the values of the CJR Group, which accompany and empower us and without which we would lose our identity. We have celebrated nearly 50 years of history, and whoever has been following our Group's activities for a long time knows that it has not been an easy road for us. That we had our share of failures and lessons learned.


However, our attitude does not allow us to succumb and that we are determined to continue creating values. We strive to win, and this dynamics makes us resilient and able to overcome any difficulties we face along the way.


We are a family-owned business group, with a wide range of operations and very clear and defined focus, keeping the quality that our customers have grown familiar with, together with a serious, qualified and success-oriented conduct.


Just like Francis Bacon's famous quote, "A Man must make his opportunity, as oft as find it". We have been putting all our efforts into finding them, whilst creating our own opportunities!


With the certainty that we have all the tools to continue to grow, we reaffirm our commitment to honouring the CJR brand through the sustainable conduct of all business.

A word of appreciation to all our staff members who believe in this project that is visible in their commitment and professionalism. This appreciation is equally extended to our clients, friends, partners and suppliers, who are an integral part of this Group.


We would like to thank all those who, despite any difficulties, never give up and never lose their motivation and our values.


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