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"Adopting new technologies to old buildings" is the programme's motto, aiming to provide sustainable solutions for affordable retrofit of

CJR Group participates in CJR Group participates in "Surefit Project": a European´s programme dedicated to Sustainability Solutions
20 abril 2021
  • CJR Grupo
"Adopting new technologies to old buildings" is the programme's motto, aiming to provide sustainable solutions for affordable retrofit of domestic buildings.  

  "The CJR Group will develop all the installation technology and execute the Portuguese prototype installation, using the prototypes mechanics developed and supplied by the international partners." Said Miguel Araújo, Responsible for the Project within the CJR Group. Miguel also added that "naturally, this phase and this project will be extraordinary. First, because we are going to participate in a prototype, which is always great, and then we will be at the forefront of science: a project with this scope can only bring knowledge and motivation". 
For the CJR Group, the project is divided into three major phases, namely measurements and dimensions, followed by the manufacture and finally the prototype installation. ​​​​​​​

CJR Group's Team in "Surefit Project"


The CJR Group has a highly specialized, versatile and dedicated team to conduct this project. Divided by areas and each personality working according to a specific schedule and scope. The CJR Group is "promoting the search for academic and industrial knowledge, fostering synergies with universities and economic partners. It is important to note that the ultimate goal is to raise the CJR Group's excellent levels to match the international standards, being certain that improving and developing our teams is always the best way to do it!" added Miguel Araújo.  



Nuno Monteiro 

"The Surefit project represents a "paradigm shift", contributing to a more sustainable construction at the European level. The fact that CJR is part of this project turns the company into a retrofit area "stakeholder", once it is developing a product with added value, and enhancing the decarbonization target. 

At a personal level, I embrace this project as a very welcome challenge that certainly will allow me to contribute with knowledge to the project and, above all, acquire new expertise, which will, for sure, be useful in CJR's future developments in the sustainability field."


Pedro Vilela

"The SUREFIT project represents sustainability. Sustainability is not just a "fashion" of modern times; it is a necessity. The fact that CJR is part of this project repositions the company in sustainable partners range of Europe. As for me, at a professional level, I am pleased to be part of this project due to its social importance and the prestige gain for the company." 


  Antónia Fernandes

"Participating in the SUREFIT project is a motivational and enriching experience. Motivational because it is a European project with several respectful entities (such as companies, universities and institutions) united in a common purpose to a better world. It is an enriching experience, from all the involvement and all the teamwork, to search for new innovative and sustainable solutions. It is incredible, and it allows me to grow both personally and professionally. 


Sónia Fernandes

"It is with pride that we received the invitation to participate in this project jointly with other (Portuguese & international) companies and with renowned universities. My intervention in this project is related to the administrative and financial component of this European program, but, despite my absence in the technical part, I feel proud to participate in a sustainability project, especially as a citizen":