Team Building Action

Com um crescimento sustentado, o Grupo CJR tem sabido percorrer um caminho intenso e exigente, ultrapas- sando os desafios com perseverança, rigor e

Team Building Action
02 julho 2019
  • CJR Grupo

In order to close de training cycle, the CJR employees were invited to participate in a range of activities, on 15 june last, in order to reinforce the team spirit inspired by the Vision, Mission, and Values of our company.

The day started with an overview of this last training cycle, with all the participants being divided into teams based on a few group dynamics, that has also contributed for creating ties between all the participants.

The morning ended with a Peddy Paper that took place in the CJR Headquarters and with an outdoor lunch. On the afternoon all the participants where involved in a few teambuilding activities focused on exploring team dynamics, reinforcing values that will improve team spirit in a working environment.

The employees continuous training and the promotion of a cohesive and motivating working environment is one of the biggest stakes of our company.